Our Style

We are committed to keeping all files moving towards the most cost-effective solution for our clients. We do not believe in incurring the expense of initiating motions and interlocutory proceedings unless some real result, useful to the closing of the file can be achieved. On the other hand, if proceedings call for such measures and will achieve such an end, we will not delay in seeking instructions to bring them. We do not believe in “making law” at our clients’ expense, but we see to it that your rights are staunchly protected.

We are also committed to reducing costs and delay by the use of technology. We are prepared to accommodate our systems to the technological requirements of our clients as well.

Our files are regularly reviewed, and all requests and undertakings are proactively traced through our bring-forward system, which keeps track of all letters out requesting information. Our reporting letters are in ordinary English, not legalese, since we see it as our task to make the clients’ own review process as easy as possible. We are of course pleased to adopt any file management system which assists your own internal review requirements, and are pleased to have regular meetings with you to review status and strategy.

We would be pleased to meet with you at your conveneience to review your legal needs.