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Claims against your own insurer may be advanced where you hold a valid policy of insurance for your business, home or motor vehicle.

A claim as against your own Insurer as a result of damages caused to your business may arise from incidents that include water damage, theft, vandalism or fire. Your business will have paid for insurance benefits that may be available. A denial of a claim advanced through your Proof of Loss may result in the need to consult with a lawyer to discuss possible options.

A claim as against your own Insurer as a result of damages to your home or rental until may arise from incidents that include flooding, theft, vandalism or fire. As a landlord or homeowner you have paid insurance premiums and may have benefits available to you in case of a loss. Consult with an experienced lawyer from our firm to discuss your legal rights.

A claim as against your own Insurer as a result of personal injuries or property damage to your motor vehicle may arise from a collision which you or the other driver is at fault. You may be required to look to your own insurer for claims involving personal injuries where the other vehicle did not carry valid insurance. Simply being hit by someone that did not have insurance does not mean you have no legal rights. An experienced lawyer in the field of insurance claims can take you through your rights under your policy of insurance and determine if you have a valid legal claim.

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