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Family Law

Whether it’s separation or divorce, issues related to the children, support, property division, or other family law services, we can help.

Civil Litigation

You can expect straight talk, clear advice and the compensation you deserve.


CRB offers legal and strategic advice to our clients and structure, negotiate and implement all manner of business transactions on their behalf. 

Real Estate

Let us help you protect your interests in any real estate transaction.

Personal Injury

It can be difficult to deal with the pain of your injuries while trying to navigate through the legal process. We can guide you while you concentrate on healing.


The insurance claims process can sometimes lead to a dispute between the parties involved. CRB can help set the record straight. 

Wills & Estates

We can help you and your family plan for the future and save you from problems and expenses.

Chodola Reynolds Binder

Our firm was founded in 1974 by Albert S. Chodola and has carried on the practice of law continuously since that time, with a particular emphasis on civil litigation.

We have a large insurance law practice which comprises the bulk of our civil litigation work. However, we also practice plaintiff’s personal injury law (however the injury is caused), labor & commercial and corporate law, family law, wills and estates, and in a variety of other areas of law.

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